Putin reveals the reason for mobilizing a part of Russians

Putin explained the reason for partial mobilization In Russia

The line of contact with Ukraine is 1.1 thousand kilometers, it is impossible to protect it only by contract soldiers, so it was necessary to announce a partial mobilization, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

"The line of contact is 1,100 kilometers. Therefore, it is practically impossible to keep it exclusively with troops formed from contract soldiers, especially since they take an active part in offensive operations. This is what mobilization is connected with," he told reporters.

The President said that 222,000 people out of the planned 300,000 had already been sent to the unit, and there were no proposals from the Ministry of Defense to increase the number of the mobilized.

"When the mobilization events began to be carried out, only then did it become clear what quality they were. The information base is now being updated, on a modern basis, on a modern basis, and it will be as reliable as possible, so I think that the quality should be improved. Although I must say that it (partial mobilization. - Approx. ed.) is already ending," Putin said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin