WT: Biden's words about nuclear Armageddon cause a big resonance in the world

WT: Americans shiver over Biden's remark about Putin

US President Joe Biden's recent statement about an impending "nuclear Armageddon" due to the actions of Russian leader Vladimir Putin was extremely improvident, writes the Washington Times.

"Biden's words about Armageddon, which were perceived as a reproach to Putin, caused a great resonance in the world. Against this background, the White House hastened to clarify that the words of the US president were misinterpreted and should not be taken as a warning about a possible nuclear conflict," says the publication.

The article notes that, despite all the efforts of the White House to reassure the public, Americans were trembling at the words of their president.

“The information that followed Biden’s words about the purchase by the Department of Health for $290 million of the Nplate drug, which is designed to treat damage to blood cells resulting from radiation injury, did not help reduce the level of anxiety in the United States,” the journalists write.

As Biden warns of Armageddon, Americans can't help but cringe at the knowledge that he himself has made a significant contribution to the looming threat by creating the perception that the United States is no longer a superpower, the journalists conclude.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin