The West wants to ruin Russia, but this is hardly achievable

The West aims to ruin Russia, but this is hardly achievable, Germany's Junge Welt publication said citing German MP Sevim Dagdelen.

Dagdelen believes that NATO is doing its best not to let a truce between Russia and Ukraine happen.

"The Western strategy is stupid and irresponsible for two reasons. First off, each day and each additional arms shipment to Kyiv raises the danger for the conflict to escalate into a third world war, which will inevitably lead to the nuclear annihilation of Europe. Secondly, it's just cynical,” said the German MP.

It is European residents who suffer from the economic war with Russia in the first place.

"Due to the sanctions policy, all of German production based on cheap and reliable fuel supplies from Russia, was at stake. The euro has been falling against the dollar, which leads to higher energy prices, and millions of people in Europe are ruined,” said Dagdelen.

In her opinion, Putin has not become a pariah in the international arena, despite all the efforts that the US and the EU have taken for the purpose.

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Editor Dmitry Sudakov