Zelesnky conducts secret nuclear research

Ukrainian sources: Zelensky is building nuclear bomb

Ukraine is developing its own nuclear, or "dirty" weapon. Kyiv aims to obtain the new weapon within the shortest period of time possible. This explains Kyiv's persistent demands for the supplies of longer-range missiles.

According to Ukraina.ru website, which refers to Kartel project, Ukraine is obsessed with obtaining tactical nuclear weapons. Ukraine is building such weapons in strict secrecy from materials left over from Soviet times.

One may expect that after the terrorist attack on the Crimean Bridge and massive attacks on the facilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Ukraine's infrastructure, Kyiv may strike a blow targeting a strategic facility inside Russia.

After joining the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons as a non-nuclear state in 1994, Ukraine started building its own nuclear bomb. Ukraine was conducting research work in the field of nuclear warheads both in terms of uranium and plutonium science. In addition, Kyiv uses centrifugal uranium enrichment and laser isotope separation technologies, TASS said.

The main works were conducted at the Kharkiv Institute of Physics and Technology. Specialists of the institute have the scientific base for a wide range of nuclear research, including spent fuel reactors.

Almost all technical universities of Ukraine were involved in the creation of tactical nuclear weapons.

The following specialized departments were also involved in the process:

  • Kyiv National University;
  • Physico-Technological Institute of Materials and Alloys of the National Academy of Sciences;
  • Institute for Problems of Materials Science;
  • Institute of Physics and Mechanics.

"However, if Ukraine fails, the USA may arrange a provocation with the use of a nuclear bomb or by damaging nuclear reactors. Today, it will do everything to exclude Russia with its veto right from the UN, and no ethical issues will stop the United States,” political scientist Mikhail Delyagin believes.

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