Russia may test Poseidon underwater nuclear drone - La Repubblica

NATO warns Russia may test nuclear-capable Poseidon underwater drone

NATO intelligence warned the command of the North Atlantic Alliance about a possibility for Russia to test the Poseidon unmanned underwater vehicle, Italian newspaper La Repubblica said.

The report from the NATO intelligence referred to the movements of the Belgorod multi-purpose nuclear submarine in the Kara Sea, the article said. Experts fear that the submarine may launch a nuclear drone there.

The Poseidon underwater vehicle is capable of generating a radioactive tsunami that would wipe off major metropolitan areas such as New York or Los Angeles, La Repubblica said.

USA's infrared satellites are unable to see what is happening in the deep sea. The Poseidon is a noiseless vehicle. It radiates little heat and travels at over 100 kilometers per hour.

"It is just a simple test announcement that could give the Kremlin an opportunity to demonstrate a unique ability in a tug-of-war with the West: a weapon against which there is no defense," La Repubblica said.

The multi-purpose Belgorod nuclear submarine is an analogue of the Kursk. The submarine was launched in April 2019. The project was named 09852 specifically for the Poseidon system.

The K-329 Belgorod has a unique design. The sub has a special docking compartment for accommodating nuclear deep-sea stations — a type of submarines that only the Russian Navy has.

The submarine can carry six Poseidons that are capable of striking almost all coastal areas of the United States.

The Belgorod nuclear submarine was delivered to the Russian Navy on July 8. It was reported that the submarine is designed to solve scientific problems and conduct search and rescue operations.

The K-329 can also carry rescue deep-sea and autonomous unmanned underwater vehicles.

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