Moscow steps up messages of peace to the West

Lukashenko: If Europe wants it, the war may end in a few days

Moscow has stepped up its signals to the West to take a path of negotiations and agreements.

On September 30, Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko said that there is a chance to "end the war in a few days," if the Europeans want it.

It appears that Moscow is ready to establish the status quo, whereas the West is not. Kyiv stands strongly against it and insists on tougher measures. The trap near Liman is a trump card for Western countries.

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and therefore part of the Western elites, urged to conclude a new configuration of security in Europe with the participation of Russia. Former US President Donald Trump set out a desire to mediate the talks.

As for sitting US President Joe Biden, it appears that he has taken a break as Washington is analysing different scenarios.

Hard pressure may lead to unmanageable scenarios, which the White House would like to avoid. The main question is Putin. The US and the EU are not ready to negotiate personally with him. Therefore, they are waiting for Russia to offer an acceptable option, Brief Telegram channel said.

At the same time, the United States would like to prevent escalation, including possible hostilities on the territory of Russia.

The military command of Britain and Ukraine insist on strikes on military infrastructure and, above all, on the Crimean Bridge.

To crown it all, Ukraine is considering options for obtaining nuclear weapons from the UK as a guarantee to its independence.

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