US is preparing a 'tank fist' in Europe – Russian expert

Expert: US is preparing a 'tank fist' in Europe to prevent Russia from saving Europe

According to political expert Yakov Kedmi, the United States is creating a powerful "tank fist" in the eastern part of Europe. Washington is doing everything so that Moscow cannot help Beijing in the event of a full-scale war over Taiwan, the analyst said.

However, none of the European countries have modern tanks, so the US will supply heavy equipment to Poland and Ukraine so that they can contain Russia, Kedmi said.

“In five years, they want to create huge tank armies there, armed with the latest vehicles, with the latest artillery and large air forces with modern American aircraft,” the expert noted.

Washington is trying to solve several problems at once, preparing an anti-Russian foothold in Ukraine and Poland. First, the United States provides its military industry with multibillion-dollar orders for years to come. Secondly, they avoid using the American army against Russia, acting at the hands of Ukrainians and Poles.

“It will be a huge fist to threaten Russia and keep it from interfering when the main US war with China begins,” Kedmi said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin