Poland assumes it is piece of cake to destroy Russian Baltic Fleet

Defense24: Poland to attack Russian Navy at Baltic berths if necessary

Coastal fire squadrons with NSM (Naval Strike Missile) anti-ship missiles introduced into service with the Polish Navy have changed the balance of forces in the Baltic Sea, military observer Maxymilian Dura believes. According to the expert, this type of weapon allows to take the southern region under total control and blockade the naval base in Russia's Kaliningrad enclave.

Dura noted that the NSM missiles, which have a range of 200 kilometers, were capable of striking Russian ships "from the coast of Poland to Sweden."

"This range also extends to the entire Kaliningrad region, even if the launchers are deployed only in the northeastern territory," he said on the pages of Defense24 publication.

Poland has deprived large surface ships of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy of the ability to travel, Dura believes. He is convinced that the blockade may even affect the ships that are stationed at a base in St. Petersburg. However, this would require several NSM missile launchers to be deployed to Estonia or Finland, Dura noted.

"Not a single ship of the Baltic Fleet is currently able to effectively repel an attack carried out by a missile formation of the Polish Navy. One anti-ship missile striking the cargo compartment filled with vehicles, fuel and ammunition is enough to sink a ship. This is relatively simple and technically possible with Norwegian missiles," he said.

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