Washington wants to take Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner out

US stands behind assassination attempt on Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner

The attempt on the life of Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner was organized by the United States. Washington wants to stop Kirchner from entering the 2023 presidential election. That's what her supporters think.

Kirchner's attacker is a supporter of the Azov Regiment*

The man who attacked Kirchner during her meeting with supporters was detained. The man was identified as Fernando Andres Sabag Montiel, a 35-year-old Brazilian national.

The gun that Montiel tried to fire was loaded with five bullets. For some strange reason the gun did not fire when the man pulled the trigger. It was said on social media that Montiel was linked with neo-Nazi groups.

"Argentine Vice President Cristina Kirchner fell victim to an assassination attempt. She plans to run for president in 2023, but was charged with corruption without evidence. She refused to allow the country to default on an IMF loan or pay the World Bank. The attacker had a Nazi tattoo," Fiorella Isabel (@FiorellaIsabelM) wrote on Twitter** on September 2, 2022.

"Fernando Andrés Sabag Montiel, who tried to kill Cristina Kirchner this Thursday, had a black sun tattooed on his arm — a Nazi symbol. It can be seen here on the uniform of a local terrorist in the US and a soldier of the Ukrainian Azov* Battalion," Taino (@Omani1love) tweeted on September 2, 2022.

The photos shared on social media show the assailant tattooed with the Black Sun on his arm. This is a Scandinavian symbol that had been usurped by the Nazis and later — by the occult Thule-Gesellschaft, a group founded by wealthy aristocrats and bourgeoisie that championed Aryan dominance. The data shows that from 1918 to 1922, the group committed three hundred political crimes.

On August 25, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez said that he received death threats.

"I have received death threats. The police are doing their job,” the President of Argentina said on radio Destape.

It appears that Argentina is on the verge of a coup.

Fernandez-Kirchner government has no time to take Argentina out of crisis

Kirchnerists (Peronists) versus liberals — this is a long-standing confrontation in Argentina.

Kirchner announced that she would run in the 2023 presidential election, but her plans could be thwarted by a court verdict.

Last week, prosecutors said they would seek 12 years in prison for Kirchner in addition to her exclusion from political activity. That is why Cristina's supporters (half of the country) gather in front of her house every day to support her.

There are calls from the other camp to sentence the ex-president to capital punishment. This does not cause rejection in the media.

There are articles claiming that Fernandez and Kirchner are unable to get Argentina out of the economic crisis. Instead of dollarizing the economy, they rely on cooperation with the Russian Federation and China.

The previous government chaired by liberal Mauricio Macri accumulated a huge ($44 billion) debt in the IMF — 80.1% of GDP in the 1st quarter of 2022. The Peronist government managed to restructure the debt with deferred interest payments. As much as 55.5% of the debt is accumulated in foreign currency. Argentina's international reserves are low — they amount to about 39.5 billion US dollars.

In addition, Argentina has a high budget deficit. Inflation is expected to be about 70% per year, and poverty — about 40%. Economy ministers change like in a kaleidoscope. This is obviously a test of different options for overcoming the crisis.

Yet, it is not clear why, for example, Fernandez, like his Brazilian colleague Jair Bolsonaro, does not turn to Russia for help in diesel fuel supplies. The shortage of fuel and rising prices on energy cause protests. They write that Fernandez and Kirchner allegedly cannot agree on the matter, which also adds fuel to the fire.

US conspiracy against Peronists identical to leftist conspiracy in Brazil

Kirchner's supporters say that the country is ruled by judicial and information mafia, which operates on the orders of the United States. They refer to the identical trial of Brazil's ex-President Lula da Silva, who was sentenced to ten years for corruption.

It subsequently turned out that there were no grounds for this. The federal judge who passed the verdict was bribed by political opponents to destroy the Brazilian economy at the behest of the United States.

Now Lula is back as a presidential candidate this fall. He has an advantage over Bolsonaro in the polls. There is an analogy with the "Kirchner case", whom Washington also needs to eliminate.

The assassination attempt (or an act of intimidation) of Kirchner has indicated that the United States was purposefully working to split Argentine society. Washington does not intend to give the Peronist government time to improve the economy reorienting to the Russian Federation and China. The latter factor is crucial to the conspiracy against Kirchner.

The coming to power of a new liberal will cost Argentina a lot.

*terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation
**social network banned in the Russian Federation

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Editor Dmitry Sudakov