Ukraine officially cracks down on Chechen President Kadyrov. Kadyrov, don, responds, don

Ukraine charges Chechen President Kadyrov. He responds. Don.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has filed charges against the President of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov. According to the official Telegram channel of the SBU of Ukrainу, Kadyrov is accused of participating in the development of plans for "military operations" on the territory of Ukraine.

“It is documented that in February-March 2022, Kadyrov personally led the development and planning of individual military operations, gave orders and listened to reports from the heads of units,” the SBU said in a statement.

The Kyiv authorities accused the Chechen President of "planning, preparing, unleashing and waging an aggressive war," as well as of "committing deliberate actions to change the borders of the territory of Ukraine."

In early March, Ramzan Kadyrov promised to reward SBU employees who work "for Russia against Bandera". According to Kadyrov, after the end of the Russian special operation, such employees of the SBU who care for the clean future of their beloved Ukraine will be presented to state awards and will be able to continue to serve for the benefit of their people and country.

Kadyrov responds to Ukraine's charges

It did not take long for Ramzan Kadyrov to respond to the decision of the SBU. 

Ed. note: While speaking, Ramzan Kadyrov always uses the 'don' particle between words in his speech. As he himself once explained, this is a Chechen way of speaking colloquially. The particle is used to link words between themselves and actually stands for Chechen expression 'дуй хьунан' - 'dui hyunan'

“Gentlemen SBU-shniks, find a place, don, where we should come, we will come with pleasure, don, and we will figure it out who is the criminal here, who is the killer, don, who is the terrorist. 

"I participated, I participate and I will participate in the special operation, I will free those people whom you have tortured and mocked for all these years. If you ask me, I would have taken Kyiv long ago, Zelensky and the like would have been in the basement. <...> Therefore, you should thank Putin as he does not allow us to take Kyiv and hold you accountable. <…>

"We have a lot of opportunities, don, with such opportunities, we can even boldly go to Europe, don, to force them to change, don, their decisions, which in the first place, don, are against their people. <…>

"I ask once again, I very much ask the Supreme Commander-in-Chief to give us the opportunity to complete the special operation, don, not to delay this operation. If 15% of the world community is against us, this does not mean that the whole world is against us. <…>

"I am grateful to the Defence Ministry, to the National Guard, don, and, of course, I am grateful to the Supreme Commander, don, for giving us more than 5,000 additional fighters, fully equipped with all special weapons, don. So expect some surprises." 

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