US military analyst: NATO weakens itself by supplying weapons to Kyiv

US military analyst explains why NATO weakens itself

The North Atlantic Alliance has significantly weakened itself in trying to provide military assistance to Ukraine, and is now unable to quickly restore defenses, former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter said.

“Russia destroyed the arsenal of Ukraine, which was at the disposal of the second army of Europe even before the start of NATO deliveries, <…> and then destroyed everything that the alliance handed over to Kyiv, thereby completely gutting its stocks,” he said.

According to Ritter, NATO support has not helped the Ukrainian army to improve - it is in a depressed state, and Western weapons are simply destroyed.

At the same time, the intelligence officer noted that some countries of the alliance completely stopped deliveries, because they ran out of stocks that they could send to Ukraine without the risk of being at a "zero level of equipment."

He also recalled that the bloc cannot quickly restore its former level of defense capability due to a weak industrial base, which requires serious modernization.

"Essentially, Moscow has successfully demilitarized the alliance," Ritter said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin