Russia strikes a decisive blow on US and Ukraine

Expert: Russia deals an irreparable blow to Ukraine and the United States

The Russian army dealt an irreparable blow to Kyiv and the United States, destroying a large ammunition depot in the Cherkasy region. More than 300 HIMARS rockets were destroyed there. And this is a major success, said Yury Knutov, director of the Air Defense Forces Museum.

According to him, 300 shells is a lot, because just one shell of an American multiple launch rocket system costs 50 thousand dollars, and a salvo of 6 shells is already a huge amount.

“Therefore, 300 shells is a lot, because the shells are expensive and are used for point tasks, so the loss of such a number of missiles is a serious blow to the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the United States, which supply them with these missiles,” analyst said in an interview with

He also noted that in order to more effectively destroy HIMARS, the Russian army needs much more unmanned vehicles.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin