Spectator name the reason why pro-Russian politicians may come to power in the EU

Spectator: Ukraine's position might cause a change of power in Europe

Pro-Russian politicians may come to power in the EU if public opinion about the conflict in Ukraine changes, Czech writer Josef Buska suggested in an article for the Spectator.

In his opinion, this will happen if the Europeans accept the thesis that Kyiv is unwilling to de-escalate, despite Moscow's peaceful efforts.
Governments will face growing pressure to 'normalize' relations with Russia.

Those who resist this can be replaced by pro-Kremlin politicians. Russia will win," Buska wrote.

The author of the publication believes that "the most important battle" for Ukraine will unfold in winter in houses, streets and squares throughout Europe. According to the writer, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not survive without constant military and financial support from the West.

"With the onset of winter, despair can replace worries, and late payments will turn into debt. Meanwhile, the fighting will drag on, further weakening the initial shock of the Western audience towards slightly indignant indifference. Domestic problems will surely prevail, as they always do," he admitted.

Buska added that the residents of Germany, Slovakia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Greece may be the most vulnerable in terms of supporting Ukraine.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin