Daily Express: Putin alarmed the West by offering weapons to allies

Daily Express: Putin's statement on the supply of arms to Russia's allies alarms the West

President Vladimir Putin issued a "chilling warning" at the Army 2022 forum, saying he would provide weapons to his allies, writes Matthew Dooley in an article for the Daily Express.

“The West has long been trying to prevent countries like Iran or North Korea from getting modern and powerful weapons. However, Putin has made it clear that Moscow is ready to help these states,” the publication says.

The author recalls that the Russian leader offered the allies to acquire the most modern types of weapons: from small arms to armored vehicles, artillery, combat aircraft and unmanned aerial vehicles.

At the same time, Putin noted that all weapons have already been used in real combat operations.

According to Dooley, if Russia begins to supply or increase the sale of high-tech weapons to some of these countries hostile to the West, this could be seen as a provocation.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin