Sohu reveals why Russia doesn't hit the supply lines of Western weapons in Ukraine

Sohu: Russia deliberately doesn't hit the supply lines of Western weapons in Ukraine

Russia does not deliberately attack supply lines in Ukraine that supply Western weapons. It has found a new, much more effective and less costly way to destroy it. So say the authors of the Chinese Sohu. 

The journalists recalled that with the start of Russia's operation in Ukraine, the United States and other NATO countries significantly increased the supply of weapons to the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Kremlin immediately warned that supply lines in Ukraine would be considered legitimate targets for strikes by the Russian Armed Forces.

But for the entire duration of the conflict, Russian troops have generally not shown much interest in supply lines, analysts say. However, the Armed Forces of Ukraine lose equipment regularly, without even having time to deliver it to the front line.

Chinese experts recalled the recent destruction by Russia of a large warehouse of ammunition for the HIMARS rocket launcher, as well as ammunition for M777 howitzers.

According to the authors of the article, such a high efficiency is explained by the simple tactics of the Russian troops.

The Russian army does not intentionally destroy Western weapons at the delivery stage; instead, it hits warehouses where all weapons and equipment are brought using just one missile, analysts explained.

“Therefore, Russia does not need to do anything at all regarding the transportation lines. It’s so convenient: all the transferred weapons are stored in one place, and Russian missiles hit the very center. The method of destruction is simple and crude, and the results are pleasing,” Chinese journalists concluded.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin