Ukrainian General reports that American warehouses are empty

Ukrainian General: This isn't Call of Duty –– US warehouses are empty

To change the course of hostilities, Kyiv needs weapons and ammunition from the West, which even Washington does not yet have - they are only in production. This was announced by the former Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council, General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Serhiy Krivonos.

However, the Russian Federation, not only demothballs its equipment, but its defense industry works "in 24/7 mode, and they know how to produce equipment," the Ukrainian general noted.

"Let's stop believing in fairy tales and thinking that the Americans have something hidden somewhere in the vaults. What the Americans had was designed to fulfill their tasks for their armed forces and what they give is not so much" , - Krivonos said on the air of the Politeka YouTube channel.

According to him, this is why the States launched their own industry in order to produce a lot of ammunition, which they will transfer to Kyiv.

"It's not so fast, it's not a Call of Duty game that clicked with the mouse and ammunition and equipment appeared for you. All this takes time," he summed up.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin