Ukraine might be stabbed in the back by Western countries

The Guardian reveals when the West will stab Ukraine in the back

Europe which is panic-stricken over the consequences of rising energy and food prices could strike a treacherous blow to Ukraine this winter, writes Simon Tisdall for The Guardian.

“Now there is an uncomfortable, even troubling question: should Ukrainians brace for a backstab this winter? Public outrage over the conflict is giving way to worry bordering on panic over its worrisome implications for energy prices, food prices and the cost of living,” says the publication.

The author notes that this raises doubts about the stability of the West.

The journalist also called the speech of British Foreign Minister Liz Truss in April delusional, because she demanded that Russia withdraw from Crimea and retreat to the borders that existed before 2014.

"Sounding like a crazy Generalissimo, Truss vowed, 'We will continue to push Russia out of Ukraine more actively.' Who is 'we'? Who are you and whose army?" writes the observer.

In Tisdall's opinion, in fact, the United States is only concerned about not going to war with Russia, while London is "hiding behind Washington's refusal to fight." Other European states are also behaving: Germany, France and Italy, the author believes.

He concludes that at some point the EU may force Ukraine to sign an interim peace deal with Russia to ease Europe's economic pain.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin