The decisive battle between Russia and the US will take place in Poland – expert

Polish expert reveals where the decisive Russia – US battle will take place

Polish columnist Hanna Kramer published an article about the "US Vassals and Political Morons", where she noted that the main clash between Washington and Moscow will take place on the territory of Poland.

"It's no secret that the ruling Law and Justice party has been seeking for Poland the status of one of the world leaders for years. The White House skillfully took advantage of this desire. The goal is simple: to create a hot spot in Europe and once again flex their muscles in front of Russia," Kramer says.

She notes that the current Russophobic policy of the Polish government is programmed for many years to come. The political scientist believes that the Ukrainian conflict is the first US project against Russia. Next is Poland.

"The main battle between Washington and Moscow will unfold in Poland, which is currently in the way of the Ukrainians! Meanwhile, a growing atmosphere of Russophobia reigns in our country. <...> Citizens of Poland and Ukraine are cannon fodder for the Americans!" Kramer writes in a material for the Dziennik Polityczny.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin