Taiwan reports China launching multiple ballistic missiles in waters off island

China fires multiple ballistic missiles in waters off Taiwan

The Chinese military fired several ballistic missiles during an exercise in the Taiwan Strait, Taiwan's Central News Agency reported, citing the local defense ministry.

"At approximately 13:56, the Chinese Communist Party launched several Dongfeng ballistic missiles in the waters northeast and southwest of Taiwan," the publication says.

The day before, the Chinese state-run newspaper Global Times wrote that the army will for the first time use long-range combat artillery across the Taiwan Strait and use the DF-17 (Dongfeng-17) hypersonic missile.

The maneuvers started on Thursday at 12:00 local time and will last until Sunday. They pass in six sea areas. The military published the coordinates in advance to avoid accidental entry of ships or overflight of aircraft.

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China fires ballistic missiles
Author`s name Petr Ermilin