Serbia won't be able to seat on three chairs –– Belarusian Lukashenka

Belarusian President: Serbia won't manage to seat on three chairs at the same time

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenka said that Serbia will not be able to sit on three chairs.

"It is necessary to separate the leadership and ordinary people. Take my place, how would you understand it all. Of course, the Serbian people need to be helped and will have to be helped. We are such people. But we take into account Serbia's policy towards Belarus.

Well, if they want to, as they say, sit on three chairs, they won't be able to. Here we are, Russia, the European Union, America and others... And they want everything to be good everywhere. But they will not be allowed to sit on all these chairs, and above all, the European Union, where they they strive so much. There is a problem. This is, as they say, a question under the breath, "he said, the words are quoted by Sputnik Belarus.

The situation around Kosovo has escalated due to Pristina's plans to ban cars with Serbian numbers and documents from entering the region from August 1.

In the north of Kosovo, where many Serbs live, riots broke out, in response, the authorities of the self-proclaimed republic pulled the police there. But following a US request, the Kosovo authorities delayed the ban's entry into force for a month. In Belgrade, this step was welcomed, saying that the leadership of Serbia and the authorities in Pristina were one step away from a serious conflict, but official Belgrade managed to keep the peace.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin