Tensions in Taiwan Strait escalate speedily, Russia declares support for China

Taiwan Strait tensions rising high. Russia in full solidarity with China

Russia remains in full solidarity with China on the Taiwan issue, Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

"China's very sensitive attitude to this problem is understandable, it is absolutely justified. Instead of respecting this sensitivity, unfortunately, the United States is choosing the path of confrontation. It doesn't bode well. We can only express regret here," Peskov told reporters on August 2.

"Regardless of the emergence of provocative situations, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation reliably ensure the security of our borders along the entire perimeter,” Peskov added.

Meanwhile, China, amid expectations about Nancy Pelosi's possible visit to Taiwan, has suspended imports of products from more than 100 Taiwanese companies, island officials said.

Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan may spark war

More than 300,000 people are watching the aircraft with US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the Flightradar website. Her airplane took off from Malaysia and is now heading to the northeast, where Taiwan is also located.

Pelosi could become USA's highest-ranking politician to visit the island since 1997. The Chinese authorities consider Taiwan their territory, but they they do not have control over the island and its government. A separate administration appeared on the island of Taiwan in 1949.

Beijing views Pelosi's possible trip to Taiwan (Pelosi is USA's third high-ranking official after President and Vice President) as an attempt to undermine China's sovereignty. The Chinese Foreign Ministry warned that in the event of her visit, China will take tough and decisive measures. The Chinese Defense Ministry did not rule out a military response.

In a telephone conversation, Chinese leader Xi Jinping warned his US counterpart Joe Biden not to play with fire.

"We strongly oppose separatism and external interference in Taiwan's affairs. Resolutely safeguarding China's national sovereignty and territorial integrity is the firm will of the more than 1.4 billion Chinese people, and I hope that the Amercian side is well aware of that,” Xi said. "The will of the people is unshakable, and he who plays with fire will surely get burnt," he added.

Joe Biden clearly stated that the United States was not deviating from its position on observing the "One China policy."

Pelosi originally planned to visit Taiwan in April, but her visit was then postponed. It was reported that Pelosi was tested positive for coronavirus. Her Asian tour started in late July. Only four countries were officially announced — Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan.

Against the backdrop of Pelosi's trip to Asia, China kicked off military exercises near Taiwan. It was also said that Washington moved a group of warships to the region. At the same time, a buildup of Chinese military equipment in the province of Fujian, closest to Taiwan, was reported.

The United States is provoking a conflict with China by deliberately stirring up tensions in the Taiwan Strait, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said, TASS reports.

"Certain individuals in the United States continuously challenge China's sovereignty over Taiwan, emasculating the One China policy, and even deliberately attempt to artificially create an incident in the Taiwan Strait," the Chinese Foreign Minister added, commenting on US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's possible trip to Taiwan.

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