Germany has three months left to prevent catastrophe caused by gas deficit

Bloomberg: Germany has three months to prevent catastrophe due to gas shortage

Germany has three months left to prevent a catastrophe that could arise due to a shortage of natural gas in the winter, reports Bloomberg.

“Despite the fact that it is now the height of summer, there is little time for Berlin to prevent a shortage,” the material says.

According to the authors of the article, it was the indecisive policy of German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and his slowness in reducing dependence on Russian energy that led to such a deplorable situation.

“Now cities are forced to impose restrictions. <...> The Presidential Palace in Berlin is no longer illuminated at night, the city of Hannover has turned off hot water in showers in swimming pools and gyms, and municipalities across the country are preparing shelters with heaters to protect people from the cold. And this is just the beginning of a crisis that will sweep across Europe.

At the same time, the efforts of the Bundestag to ensure alternative energy supplies are failing.

"The country cannot even count on France, whose faulty nuclear reactors, on the contrary, threaten to exacerbate the crisis," the publication states.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin