Putin's remarks about Zircon missile thrill the Chinese

Chinese users thrilled about Putin's Zircon missile

Visitors of Chinese website Guancha were delighted by Russian President Vladimir Putin's announcement about the Zircon hypersonic missile coming to service at the Russian Navy.

Zircon hypersonic missile is something that many countries would like to have at their disposal, Chinese users assumed.

"The Russian carrier-based hypersonic cruise missile Zirkon is very cool! It will be used against powerful enemy aircraft carrier battle groups! USA, beware,” one user wrote.

"Putin said that Russia was ready to protect its maritime borders by any means. After such a statement, no one should dare to enter Russian waters,” another use said.

"Yes, if he said that there are such weapons, it means that they exist. We cannot compete with Moscow. Russia has always been and will be ranked first in terms of arms,” another poster wrote.

"The missile is small in size, but this is what many countries dream of," another reader said.

"China and Russia should stand shoulder to shoulder, because we have all the peoples of the Third World behind us," someone else added.

The main naval parade dedicated to the 326th anniversary of the Russian Navy took place on July 31 in St. Petersburg. During the parade, Putin delivered a speech in which he said that Russia was ready to ensure the protection of its maritime borders by all means. The Russian Navy will respond to any violation of its sovereignty and freedoms, he said. Putin also noted that Russia's state-of-the-art Zircin missiles would enter service at the Russian Navy in a few months. The first ship to carry it would be the Admiral Gorshkov frigate.

The Zircon is the world's first hypersonic cruise missile capable of long-lasting maneuverable aerodynamic flight. By using its own engine thrust, the Zircon missile may develop a maximum speed of nine speeds of sound. Zircon's maximum firing range is 1,000 kilometers. Zircon is capable of destroying both surface and ground targets.

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