Russia can complete the Ukraine operation in two weeks –– Israeli expert

Israeli expect says Russian operation in Ukraine can be completed in two weeks

Only the Russian Federation influences the Ukrainian situation, and the importance of arms supplies from the West is only a short-term detail, said military expert from Israel Yakov Kedmi.

"The development of events in Ukraine ... today depends only on the decisions and actions of Russia. No country outside Ukrainian territory, except Russia, can influence the development of these events. Only Russia can determine how this conflict will develop and how and how it will end. No one can interfere in this situation. No one has the military strength and desire to intervene, "the analyst said.

According to him, the military results will be determined by the political leadership of the Russian Federation, and it will quickly end the conflict, unless it makes "monstrous compromises."

“If tomorrow Moscow sets the military the task of completing a special operation within two weeks, destroying the Ukrainian army, this will be done within two weeks. The Russian army is capable of this. There are enough options that anyone with an average understanding of military affairs can outline tactics that can do," the observer said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin