Tagesspiegel: Germans might rebel due to Putin's gas ultimatum

Tagesspiegel: Putin's gas ultimatum could cause rebeillons in Germany

Thorsten Mumme, a columnist for Der Tagesspiegel, believes that Putin's ultimatum could threaten Germany with protests.

The author of the publication notes that the German economy is experiencing a decline due to a shortage of Russian gas, and this may affect the mood of citizens. Although now about 70% of the German population is in support of Ukraine, in the future, when not only fuel starts to rise in price, it will be more difficult for the government to ask citizens to endure hardships for the sake of Kyiv's ambitions.

“In case of a shortage of energy for industry, there is a risk of rising unemployment. If gas supplies continue to fall, price increases in supermarkets are unlikely to decrease due to higher food costs. The consequences of the Ukrainian conflict will quickly reach the consumer,” the publication says.

During the summer, the Germans feel more or less comfortable, however, according to the author, this may change in the coming months.

"Soon there may be four-figure gas bills in the mailbox, jobs will be lost, and the authorities do not have the means to cope with all this. German morale could be severely tested," the observer said.

At the same time, Mumme notes that the Russian Federation during the entire period of economic confrontation did not put forward conditions for Germany on increasing gas supplies. However, the author does not rule out that Moscow may agree to an ultimatum, which will cause a wave of popular uprisings in Germany.

“Putin has not yet demanded any concessions on gas supplies, for which the German government would have to come out of the shadows. But in winter this can take the following form: you [Germany. — Approx. ed.] lift sanctions, or there will be no gas at all,” — writes Mumme, recalling that Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock has already warned of the likelihood of popular uprisings in the absence of gas in the country.

The author of the material is sure that the population of Germany has long forgotten what it is like to live in conditions of constantly rising prices, but "suffering" may fall on the country in the coming winter.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin