Wiadomości: Ukraine may strike a decisive blow on Russia

Wiadomości: Polish generals assessed Ukraine's ability to counter attack

The former commander of the Polish ground forces, General Waldemar Skrzypczak, commented on Kyiv's statements about the upcoming counteroffensive in the Kherson region.

In his opinion, the Armed Forces of Ukraine can implement the strategy of a slow counteroffensive in this direction and deliver a "decisive blow."

Skrzypczak believes that Ukrainian troops will take turns seizing settlements that have come under the control of the Russian army.

However, retired Polish general Bogusław Pacek disagreed with his colleague and noted that a counteroffensive was out of the question. According to him, Ukraine does not have sufficient forces and the necessary equipment.

“Today, the Ukrainians do not have suitable conditions, because you need to remember that an offensive requires more forces than a defense. If this counteroffensive happens, then it should be preceded by a long preparation, that is, at least weeks, and sometimes months,” Patsek emphasized in an interview with Wiadomości.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin