Ukraine frightened by Russia's 'triple tactic'

Captured Ukrainian soldiers: Russia uses a 'triple strike' tactic

Captured Armed Forces of Ukraine soldiers claim that the Russian army is actively using the frightening "triple strike" tactic on the battlefield.

First, there are reports of air raid alerts in various Ukrainian regions. Then the shelling of the necessary targets begins, followed by the work of the operational-tactical aviation of the Russian Federation. Artillerymen and attack aircraft enter last.

The captured militants emphasized that shelling of Ukrainian positions did not stop even at night.

Another feature of the “triple strike” is radio-electronic warfare. Any communication from the positions of the nationalists was interrupted a few minutes before the shelling, which did not give them the opportunity to inform the leadership about the Russian attack and made it impossible to ask for reinforcements, reports Life.

The prisoners noted that the Russian army everywhere uses the “triple strike” tactic. Together with the “barrage of fire”, this tactic led to the fact that the Ukrainian military on most sectors of the fronts would hold out for a maximum of a couple of weeks.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin