Russia didn't repulse the HIMARS attack due to a massive blow – expert

Expert reveals why Russia didn't repulse the HIMARS attack from Ukraine

For two days in a row, the Ukrainian Armed Forces were hitting the Antonovsky bridge in Kherson with the HIMARS. Almost all the missiles fired hit the target.

It was possible to intercept them only on the third day, and all two packets. Why it was not possible to do this at first, explained military expert Yuri Knutov.

The analyst told in an interview that the Antonovsky Bridge is under the protection of the Russian Pantsir air defense system, which is capable of intercepting only four missiles at a time. If more missiles are launched at one moment, then he cannot destroy them all.

According to the expert, HIMARS or MLRS can break through the air defense system, inflicting a massive strike. The first missiles are intercepted, and there is no technical possibility to intercept the rest.

In his opinion, the Russian grouping needs to be compacted, and it is also necessary to study the rocket launchers supplied to the Kyiv regime in order to counter them with electronic warfare methods.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin