Die Welt names the three mistakes the West's made about Russia

Die Welt: The West made three mistakes about Russia

The German newspaper Die Welt named three main misconceptions of the West about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

“Western politicians must face the truth: Russia cannot be isolated, economic sanctions do not bring the desired effect, Kyiv cannot be broken by the tenfold superiority of the Russian army,” said Jacques Schuster, the author of the article.

In his opinion, Vladimir Putin will not allow Moscow to be brought to its knees.

"The superiority of Russian firepower over Ukraine is ten to one. Kyiv cannot defeat Russia," the observer is sure.

He drew attention to the reverse effect of economic restrictions imposed by the West.

"Russia's revenues from the sale of oil and gas are only increasing," Shuster stated.

In addition, the journalist recalled that the South American trade organization MERCOSUR refused to listen to the President of Ukraine at the summit in Paraguay.

"Contrary to what Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock have been arguing for months, Russia is by no means alone. In addition to the fact that the Kremlin can count on China's support, most countries in the world blame Europe for the conflict in Ukraine," Shuster writes.

In conclusion, he called on Washington to participate in the negotiations between Moscow and Kyiv.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin