Expert: if Russia knocks down US satellites, a space war will begin

Expert explains which Russia's actions may lead to a space war

Russian Armed Forces need to destroy not only the weapons of the West, but also the logistics by which the curators of the Kyiv regime deliver them.American satellite signals must also be jammed. This was reported by the military observer of KP, Colonel Viktor Baranets.

He noted that Washington's assistance to Ukraine consists not only in heavy weapons, but also in the regular provision of intelligence data, including from its satellites, and the Russian Armed Forces can respond to this by destroying Western weapons brought to Ukraine.

"To destroy not only weapons, but also logistics. Yes, at one time we cut down sections of the railways along which echelons with weapons were moving. Yes, we disabled substations. But this was not enough, because American weapons are really rushing. As for intelligence, then the Americans themselves admit that they are transmitting information to the General Staff of Ukraine online," the analyst said.

According to him, if Russia "knocks out" the US space group, then there is a very high chance of starting a space war between Moscow and Washington.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin