Ukrainian tank hijacked by Russian soldiers right from the battlefield

Russian tankers hijacked a Ukrainian tank right from the battlefield

Fifty infantrymen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and four tanks tried to knock down Donetsk reservists from their positions. However, they survived and defeated the enemy in a fierce battle. This was reported by war correspondent Alexander Sladkov.

According to the reporter, the fight went on for five hours. The reservists, fearing that the enemy would take over the positions, called for fire on themselves. They burned two tanks, stopped one with fire and captured the crew commander.

The journalist noted that at the same time they maneuvered with fire, moved along the flank, hit Ukrainian tanks on the side and fired from AGS-17 from closed positions.

“Russian tankers, under enemy fire, in the same place, stole a stalled enemy tank. The last, fourth tank, retreating, burned our attack copter,” Sladkov wrote.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin