US lost the battle with Russia for Ukraine – American Colonel

American Colonel says Biden's lost in the battle with Russia for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden, determined to see his proxy war with Russia through to the end, is losing the battle for Ukraine. Colonel Douglas MacGregor came to this conclusion in an article for American Thinker.

“Biden’s favorite horse, NATO, is on its last legs. And the only thing that is falling faster than Biden’s ratings is the economy of the United States and Europe,” the author writes.

NATO's problem is that economic difficulties due to Biden's anti-Russian sanctions threaten Europe with economic armageddon. As an example, the author cites Germany, the largest EU economy and a key NATO country, which is experiencing great difficulties.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the article argues, understands that if he leads the movement in Europe for a ceasefire in Ukraine over Biden's objections, then European support for NATO and Biden's failed war with Russia will rapidly collapse.

US policy is dangerous. Americans and Europeans are "already angry at their timid and clueless" leaders, McGregor concludes.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin