Russia's changed tactics in Ukraine – expert

Expert reveals how Russia's changed tactics in Ukraine

According to political expert Yakov Kedmi, the military special operation proved the impotence of the North Atlantic Alliance in front of Russia. The political scientist recalled that the collective West pumped up Ukraine with weapons even before the start of the operation, then the intensity of supplies increased.

However, a few months later, Western countries ran into problems. The requests of the leadership of the Kyiv regime for weapons continue to grow, and the United States and its allies are no longer able to fulfill the requests of the Ukrainian authorities, Kedmi said.

The political scientist believes that regular deliveries of NATO have done a disservice to Ukraine. He noted that Soviet military equipment was much more effective than modern Western weapons.

“Now every spare part, every shell for a howitzer needs to be hauled hundreds of kilometers away, this makes logistics very difficult and weakens,” the expert explained.

Moreover, the Russian troops changed the tactics of the special operation. Now the main goal of the allied forces is the physical destruction of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kedmi said. Russian military personnel are doing everything to minimize the loss of personnel. That is why the pace of the special operation slows down a bit.

“The results of this new tactic are huge losses among the Ukrainian military and minimal ones among the Russians, because they hardly storm. The main order is to destroy the Ukrainian army, protect your soldiers and not throw them into battle as much as possible,” the specialist emphasized.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin