Sohu: Putin issues a final warning to the West

Sohu: Putin stuns the West with two words about the Ukraine conflict

The Chinese Sohu published an article, the authors of which claim that the collective West, led by the United States, received from Vladimir Putin a "final warning" regarding their use of Ukraine "as a pawn in the fight against Russia."

“In fact, the military assistance provided to Kyiv in the form of weapons and intelligence, coupled with the unleashed information campaign, is tantamount to the West entering the battlefield with two feet. However, Putin uttered words that are a signal to the NATO countries not to go too far,” — write Chinese analysts.

In their opinion, with just two words, the Russian leader answered all calls to defeat Russia. And "there" should understand "clear warning":

“Let'em try,” the Chinese edition quoted the Russian president as saying, suggesting that “this neat and transparent statement should stun Western countries” that are trying by all means to avoid direct entry into the conflict, emphasizing at every opportunity that they “stand aside ".

According to the authors of the article, fighting with Russia at the hands of the Ukrainians and trying to strangle it with sanctions, the US and the EU will not be able to win:

“Europe can collapse first, and it doesn’t even need Putin to take any action,” writes Sohu, noting that it’s time for the West to use its influence on Kyiv and curtail the conflict. Or at least stop supplying him with military aid.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin