Russian forces start receiving US military secrets with the help of Ukraine

USA starts delivering its military secrets to Russia with Ukraine's help

During a daily briefing of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Igor Konashenkov, an official representative for the ministry, said that the Russian Armed Forces destroyed a battery of multiple launch rocket systems in Ukraine near Slavyansk, a platoon of MLRS was destroyed in the Nikolaevka region, and a platoon of US M-777 howitzers — in the Kharkiv region.

It just so happens that the weapons that Ukraine receives from Western states can be easily destroyed even though it is Western instructors who command Ukrainian crews. This fact "surfaced" during the attack on Rubizhne. According to military correspondents, a foreign dark-skinned specialist was in command of a howitzer crew.

The Economist published an article entitled How Ukraine is fighting back against Russian artillery. The article explains the principles of combat with the participation of Western-supplied artillery.

However, all this "fancy" equipment in the hands of fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine magically turns into tin cans.

The New York Times correspondent Stephen Erlanger, who was on the front lines during a business trip to Ukraine, tried to explain such a phenomenon. According to him, Ukrainian military men have no idea how to handle latest howitzer models. Until recently, the Armed Forces of Ukraine were armed with only old weapons that they had inherited from the USSR. They did not even know that digital sights or laser rangefinders could actually exist. Such things plunge Ukrainian soldiers into a stupor.

NATO instructors have to train Ukrainian artillerymen "on the ground". They also have to replace them in real battles too. They can not do it officially, because the United States is not a party to the conflict.

Judging by the fact that Russian Armed Forces take American MLRS and M-777 howitzers (military correspondents already refer to them as "three axes") as trophies on a regular basis now, one shall assume that the training of Ukrainian military men does not work.

When deciding to supply M-777 howitzers to Ukraine, the Pentagon feared that they would end up as trophies of the Russians. The electronics of those howitzers was believed to be military secret. As practice has shown, the M-777 technology is secret no more. On July 14, the people's militia of the LPR reported that "during hostilities, the first 155-mm M777 artillery launcher, was obtained as a trophy."

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