Russian intelligence: Poland nervous after its plans to seize parts of Ukraine made public

Poland gets nervous after its plans to dismember Ukraine are made public

Sergei Naryshkin, the head of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, said that the Polish authorities were nervous after their plans to dismember Ukraine were made public, TASS reports.

According to him, now Warsaw is trying to disguise its expansion to the west of the country.

"The information received by the Service testifies to the nervous reaction that the Polish leadership showed to the fact that its plans for the dismemberment of Ukraine have drawn public attention,” the press department of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service said in a statement.

The Polish authorities hoped that because of the geopolitical confrontation, Kyiv, Washington and Moscow would simply not pay attention to its preparations to seize parts of Ukrainian territories. They were hoping that the parties will be forced to recognize the "Polish expansion” as a fait accompli when the phase of diplomatic settlement comes. However, due to the leakage of "sensitive information", Warsaw will have to remove the concerns that sound from NATO and the EU.

To improve the situation, Poland intends to resort to propaganda methods to disguise the country's actions to strengthen its positions in Ukraine.

"The Polish government is pursuing a childish policy of prestige that hinders the strengthening of peace in Europe and does not correspond to the political, military or financial situation in Poland,” the department said.

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