American democracy might turn into a repressive regime – George Soros

Soros names the reason why the US is in danger of becoming a repressive regime

The biggest threat to the United States is not Russia and China, but internal enemies that could turn American democracy into a repressive regime. American financier and billionaire George Soros wrote about this in his article for Die Welt.

Soros predicted the abolition of democracy in the United States by "right-wing extremists."

“These include the current Supreme Court, which is dominated by the extreme right, and the Republican Party of former US President Donald Trump, which appointed these extremists,” he noted.

What makes the Supreme Court extremist, he says, is not its ruling to set aside the ruling in Roe v. Wade case, which guarantees abortion rights, but the arguments on which the decision was based.

“The Supreme Court was once one of those institutions in the United States that had special respect. Recent decisions by the extremist majority have pushed his approval rating to an all-time low and his court disapproval to a new high", Soros pointed.

Soros is sure that there is only one way to limit the Supreme Court - to vote against the Republican Party in the elections.

“It would allow Congress to legislate rights that the Supreme Court would have to protect. Congress must act, starting with protecting the freedom of choice of women,” he stated.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin