Russia launching Kh-31 missiles means a new offensive is coming – expert

Russian General: RF Armed Forces using Kh-31 missiles indicate an imminent offensive

Retired Air Force Major General Dmitry Istrin believes that the strikes of the Russian Armed Forces with Kh-31 missiles indicate an imminent offensive.

Supersonic Kh-31 missiles, known in the West under the name Krypton, are used during a special military operation in Ukraine, TASS reports. In Ukraine, they immediately stated that allegedly Russia had run out of ammunition for Kalibr, Kinzhal, etc.

However, retired Air Force Major General Dmitry Istrin refuted these statements made by the Ukrainian side. In an interview with, the general said that the Kryptons operate at ultra-low altitudes, so it is very difficult to intercept them.

According to Istrin, there are plenty of stocks of Kalibr, Kinzhals, Avangards in the arsenal of the Russian Armed Forces. The use of Krypton is explained by the fact that they can hit a target in the immediate vicinity of the line of contact. According to the general, this indicates an imminent offensive.

Little is known about the use of Krypton. The range of the Kh-31 Krypton air-to-surface missile is 60-150 kilometers. Istrin said that open sources claim that the X-31 missile was launched in 2008 near the city of Gori and hit the Georgian radar station. After that, the missiles were used during naval exercises.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin