Nord Stream gas supplies have stopped

Nord Stream gas flow stops a few hours after repairs begin

With the beginning of the "gas day" (07:00 Moscow time), fuel supplies along the key route from Russia to Europe - Nord Stream - have been stopped, according to the data of the pipeline operator - Nord Stream AG.

Both strings of the gas pipeline are stopped for annual scheduled maintenance work, including testing of mechanical components and automation systems. Maintenance is expected to take place between July 11 and 21.

Pumping through the Nord Stream on July 10 (gas day lasted from 07:00 Moscow time on Sunday to 07:00 Moscow time on Monday) amounted to about 63.4 million cubic meters, which is similar to the level of pumping on previous days. This is about 40 percent of the maximum capacity of the pipeline, which is almost 170 million cubic meters per day.

"Gazprom" in mid-June reduced the flow through the "Nord Stream" by about 60 percent. The company said that it can supply only 67 million cubic meters to the gas pipeline, while the planned volume is 167 million.

This was explained by delays in the work of the German Siemens, which, due to Ottawa sanctions against Moscow, cannot return the gas pumping units for the Portovaya compressor station that were being repaired at the Canadian plant, as well as with identified technical engine malfunctions.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin