The West should launch a military campaign against Russia – Finnish historian

Finnish historian suggests the West initiate a military conflict with Russia

It is time for the EU and NATO countries to consider direct military intervention in the Russian operation in Ukraine, says Finnish military historian Jussi Jalonen. Only in this case Ukraine can win, he notes.

“So far, the Western strategy of supplying Ukraine with weapons and avoiding military intervention has failed. Such a strategy may be sufficient to ensure that Ukraine does not lose. However, it cannot guarantee the victory of Ukraine. Although Russia can never take over all of Ukraine, it still would rather win than lose as long as these hostilities continue," Jalonen was quoted as saying by Verkkouutiset.

According to him, despite the "exhaustion" of the Russian army, it continues its advance. Also, the historian does not exclude the possibility that Russia will use nuclear weapons. The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation excludes such a possibility. Jalonen reports that now no one wants to talk about Western military intervention. He emphasizes that we are talking about intervention within the borders of Ukraine.

"So sooner or later - if there is a goal to win this conflict - the EU or NATO countries should consider the possibility of direct intervention," Jalonen advised to the West.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin