Ukraine didn't declare war on Russia so as not to untie its hands

Expert reveals why Ukraine hasn't declared war on Russia

Former head of the Israeli intelligence service "Nativ" Yakov Kedmi expressed his opinion on why Ukraine, despite the start of a special military operation on its territory, has not yet declared war on the Russian Federation. 

"As soon as Ukraine declares war, it will immediately "untie the hands "of Russia. <...> Russia declared its actions in Ukraine as a special military operation and did not want to declare war, because it did not want to destroy Ukraine. By declaring war, Ukraine actually gives Russia the opportunity to destroy all its power structures. Russia does not yet want this and does not consider it necessary," Kedmi said in an interview with the Voyennoye delo newspaper.

He stressed that the RF Armed Forces have no goal of liquidating Ukraine or its civilian infrastructure. Russia did not even strike at the command posts of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine or government organizations.

If Ukraine declares war on Russia, the entire country and all its state bodies could be under attack by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. The expert believes that the Russian Federation will eliminate all decision-making centers and command posts on the territory of Ukraine with the help of high-precision weapons when declaring war on it.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin