Daily Express: EU decision on gas infuriates Ukraine

Daily Express: Ukraine infuriated over EU making a gift for Ukraine

Ukrainian politicians have been furious over the European Union's decision on gas, which was a real gift for Russian President Vladimir Putin, writes Anthony Ashkenaz for the Daily Express.

This week, the European Parliament voted, as a result of which a decision was made to expand the taxonomy of the European Union. It is a classifier that determines which projects in the energy sector can count on additional funding and support. It included natural gas and nuclear energy.

"Ukraine was furious when the EU gave a huge gift to Putin," the publication says.

According to the author, Ukraine is afraid that Europe's intentions to pay more attention to the development of gas and nuclear energy will play into the hands of Russia, as the region will become even more dependent on its energy sources.

However, Germany, which receives a third of its gas from Russia, has demanded that this resource be included in the taxonomy, which means that Berlin can continue to send billions to Moscow, writes Ashkenaz.

At the same time, Austria and Luxembourg, two opponents of nuclear energy, have promised to challenge the results of the European Parliament vote in court, the article concludes.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin