Russian soldier reports Armed Forces of Ukraine torture their prisoners

Russian soldier who was in captivity: Armed Forces of Ukraine torture their prisoners

Soldier Ivan Mylnikov from the village of Yalym, Kurgan region, was in the captivity of Ukrainian militants. According to him, he still does not believe in returning to his homeland.

A soldier born in 1999 was captured after a tank duel. According to Ivan, he was forced under the threat of death to call on the soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to stop participating in hostilities against the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Mylnikov had to say this in order to stay alive.

“We were in the village of Stepnoe on March 23, at 6 pm artillery shelling began on us. I ran into a Ukrainian ambush with my crew, a battle ensued. We destroyed their tank, we drove a couple of kilometers on our burning tank and stopped in the village of Novomikhailovka, where we were detained by the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Ivan Mylnikov told URA.RU.

In captivity, he faced beatings and torture, video recordings at gunpoint. The tank commander was killed in captivity.

“The attitude towards prisoners of war there is terrible. They used to not feed us. When I went to serve, I weighed 82 kg, after captivity I weigh 65 kg. They mocked us, turned on songs about Bandera, the jailers flew into the cells and started beating even those who had no legs or arms," ​​the soldier admitted.

Ivan was released on May 14 during an exchange of prisoners. According to him, on that day, the enemies scared them that they were taking them to be shot.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin