Germans demand Scholz to resign after his remarks about Russia – Die Welt

Die Welt: Germans demand Scholz's resignation after his words about Russia

Readers of the German newspaper Die Welt disliked Prime Minister Olaf Scholz's remarks about Russia and Russian gas so much that they demanded his resignation.

After Scholz said that Russia allegedly uses its gas as a weapon against Europe, the chancellor was accused of duplicity and hypocrisy. Users were reasonably surprised what Germany expected from Moscow, introducing more and more severe sanctions against it.

Commentators are sure that Russia's reaction in the form of retaliatory measures against the numerous sanctions imposed against it is logical and justified.

"You pour out buckets of sanctions and are surprised when Russia initiates countermeasures?" one reader wondered.

“A chancellor who confuses cause and effect should, like British Prime Minister Johnson, be asked to resign. But in fact, Scholz is trying to confuse the public,” another reader noted.

Users suggested that the government lift anti-Russian sanctions, although they know that the government will not agree to this. As a result, Germany is in an even more difficult situation, they added.

Readers pointed out that the sanctions against Russia have a detrimental effect primarily on themselves.

"Economic sanctions against Russia affect - but on us, on the population. This is a complete failure of the government," wrote one of the commentators.

All readers agreed that the German government could not foresee the consequences of its actions.

Earlier, Scholz said that Germany had been relying on Russian gas and oil supplies for too long, and the German government doubts that today's decrease in supplies from Russia is caused only by technical reasons.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin