NATO won't support Poland in case it declares war on Russia – Polish ex-MP

Polish ex-MP reveals why NATO won't help Warsaw in war against Russia

NATO allies will not help Warsaw if it independently sends troops to Ukraine and finds itself under the threat of direct military clashes with Russia, ex-deputy of the Polish Sejm Mateusz Piskorski said in an interview with

He noted that even the closest allies of Poland did not support the idea of ​​Warsaw to send militants to the territory of the former Soviet republic under the guise of a peacekeeping mission, and in the Czech Republic they directly indicated to Poland that peacekeepers were brought into the conflict zone after the end of hostilities, and not during them. 

The politician recalled that the danger for Warsaw lies in the fact that Russia is conducting a special military operation throughout Ukraine and the entry of Polish troops even into the western regions of the country will mean an open conflict with Moscow.

"What would be the results of such a conflict, given the fact that no one would particularly protect the Poles? I mean NATO partners. They would perceive this entry only as an initiative of Poland, not NATO. As a result, Poland would be in a state of war with Russia, moreover, on the territory of Ukraine and as a result of their own military steps. So if the introduction of some kind of contingent into Ukraine happened without the approval of the American and British curators of the Polish authorities and if they did it on their own, then it is not worth it expect that at least someone would somehow help Poland," Piskorski explained.

He also added that he considers it possible to send Polish troops to Ukraine only after the relevant decision of Washington and London. At the same time, the politician stressed that such a development of events cannot be ruled out.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin