Militant from Belarus tells the details of the last battle with Russia in Ukraine

Belarusian militant captured by group “O” tells about the last battle with the Russia

On June 26, a battle took place near Lisichansk, as a result of which the Georgian militants were defeated, and some of the Belarusian militants were captured by the "Otvazhnye" group of the Russia Armed Forces. One of them told to the Russkaya Vesna the details of his last battle.

The man reports that the Georgian fighters were supposed to ensure the evacuation of the Belarusian regiment.

“South of Lisichansk, a Russian tank breakthrough is being prepared, we must organize an ambush there,” reports a militants from Belarus.

At the assembly point, a group of Georgians was waiting for the regiment, and at dawn they advanced to their positions. The commander left for additional reconnaissance, but shooting began.

A command was given to withdraw from positions, but a few minutes later tanks arrived and covered the enemy. The commander did not survive after being seriously wounded. A team of Georgian militants of 10 people moved to help the Belarusians, but they were also covered by the Russian Armed Forces.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin