Kyiv sells to Russia Caesar howitzers delivered by France

Ukraine sells French Caesar howitzers to Russia

Russian gunsmiths from Uralvagonzavod are examining Caesar self-propelled howitzers that France donated to Ukraine. As the Bulgarian Military found out, in fact, the howitzers were not captured - the Ukrainian military sold them to Russia.

Two French self-propelled artillery mounts Caesar almost immediately after arriving in Ukraine were sent to Uralvagonzavod. The representative of the Russian concern thanked French President Emmanuel Macron for arming, assuring that such a gift "will come in handy."

According to Bulgarian journalists, Ukraine sold French howitzers to Russia for $240,000. The real cost of such weapons is estimated at seven million euros.

According to analyst Sebastian Levy, the self-propelled guns were sold through a military dealer.

“Corrupt Ukrainian military personnel are involved in the illegal arms trade in order to maximize profits, and this applies not only to this case with howitzers,” notes Bulgarian Military.

The authors of the material are convinced that Russian military engineers are already disassembling Caesar howitzers in order to study and possibly copy the guidance and fire coordination system.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin