NATO to destruct itself in a war against Russia – expert

Expert: NATO begins self-destruction after declaring war on Russia

By supplying weapons to Ukraine, the West becomes a participant in a war crime. This opinion is shared by political scientist Alexei Mukhin. NATO is destroying its economy through sanctions and military conflict, he notes.

“In fact, by declaring war on us, the NATO countries embarked on the path of self-destruction. The world community had a chance to resolve it all at the summits of the SCO, BRICS, G20 and so on. To create a new fair system for distributing resources and consumption,” Mukhin said in an interview with

The G7 countries, choosing this path, will eventually lose, destroying the economies along the way, "because they are based not on a resource basis, but on services and an attempt to sell money that they issue on a huge scale," Mukhin believes.

Direct orders to attack Russian cities that Kyiv gives are nothing more than a war crime, the political scientist believes. The West, helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons, becomes an accomplice, the political scientist concluded.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin