Armed Forces of Ukraine are being attacked with a WW2 tactic – expert

Ukrainian expert: Russia attacks the Armed Forces of Ukraine with a WW2 tactic

Kyiv has new types of communications, equipment and drones, but it is also losing a lot of personnel and equipment. And without real help, NATO is doomed. This was announced by a native of Kharkov military expert Gennady Alekhin.

The West and Ukraine are spreading the idea that at the beginning of the special operation, the Kyiv regime waged a high-tech war against Russia, where the Armed Forces of Ukraine had an advantage, and now the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation managed to impose the tactics of the Second World War.

The analyst stressed that the tactics of the Ukrainian army had not changed since the beginning of the special operation, but the tactics of the Russian army had changed after the first phase of the operation. And this tactic is bearing fruit.

“Not quickly, but clearly and thoroughly ... Nobody canceled the task of minimizing the loss of personnel of our units. Therefore, artillery duels, the use of new types of weapons, military equipment, the work of the Aerospace Forces and drones come to the fore. This is really a high-tech war,” notes in an interview with Alekhin.

Slowly but surely, Russia continues offensive operations, the expert summed up.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin