Former head of Czech intelligence: NATO's not ready to wage a protected conflict

Czech general tells bad news to Zelensky

Western countries actively support Ukraine in words, but they are able to provide less and less real help. This opinion was expressed by the former head of the military intelligence of the Czech Republic, Major General Andor Sandor, in an interview with the Parliamentní listy.

According to him, some European countries initially chose a moderate path in this matter and are in no hurry to offer active support to Kyiv. As an example, the general cited Germany, which promised a lot, but did little. The main problem is that there is almost nothing to send: the anti-aircraft missile and anti-tank systems that the Ukrainians know how to use have been sent, and the stocks of the "Soviet legacy" will soon run out.

Sandor noted that now the Czech Republic itself will not have enough weapons in the event of a conflict. In addition, Prime Minister Petr Fiala recently admitted that there is nothing more to help Kyiv.

"The reserves and capabilities of the defense industry are limited, and it is clear that the alliance itself did not allow the idea that a long conflict would begin in Europe. The problem is that we do not have much equipment for a long war. We have no idea how to rebuild the civilian industry on military way," the general said.

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Author`s name Petr Ermilin